Contributor instructions


Papers should be submitted in electronic form and in the format of the articles published in Vol 42. Please feel free to get in touch  if you require an example. Papers need to have been proofed for spelling, typos and grammatical errors before you send them to us please.



The  NZ Population Review uses the APA (American Psychological Association) referencing system which is available on all major referencing software systems (e.g. Endnote), but contact the editor if you have any questions about this. References are cited in the text with the author’s name and date of publication separated by a comma – for example (Hammel, 2009, p. 147)

All references to be listed alphabetically at the end of the article under the title ‘References’.

Serials, journals and newspaper titles are referenced using capitals, for example: Journal of Bioscience Medicine. Book titles do not use capitals, for example: A. Trlin and P. Spoonley (Eds.), New Zealand and international migration.


Should be employed only where essential; they should be referenced in the text and placed at the end of the paper under the title ‘Notes’. Do not use footnotes please!


Short quotations should be enclosed in double quotation marks.

Quotations longer than three lines should be separated from the paragraph, without quotation marks, and indented from the left and right hand margins.




An abstract of 50-100 words should also be submitted.

Author affiliations

Please provide information on the organisation that all authors are affiliated to, where possible, and ensure that an email address for the main author is included. This information will be published with each article.

Charts and figures

Please note that should your contribution be selected for publication you will be asked to supply the data behind the charts and figures in Excel. It is preferable to recreate the tables and charts within the file rather than use embedded images that have been copied from elsewhere. This allows us to standardise fonts and other design elements, as well as ensuring good print quality.


Manuscripts or books for review should be submitted to:


Tahu Kukutai
Professor of Demography
National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis
University of Waikato

NOTE: In the interests of streamlining the publishing process and ensuring that the NZ Population Review is of a high academic standard, failure to adhere to these instructions may result in contributions being returned to the main author with a request for changes.

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